• How to keep pets safe this Christmas

    6 ways to keep pets safe this Christmas Christmas is a time for fun, festivities and family. Whether your home is going to be crowded with guests over Christmas or empty because you’ve gone visiting relatives, you will need to … Continue reading

  • Great was to treat your dog this Christmas

    5 ways to treat your dog this Christmas While you’re frantically doing your Christmas shopping this year, spare a thought for the furry friend in your life. That little guy who never asks anything from you, never moans when you … Continue reading

  • Reasons not to get a pet for Christmas

    4 big reasons NOT to get a pet for Christmas It can be very tempting to get an adorable puppy or kitten for that special someone in your life, but if you’ve decided to give the gift of a pet … Continue reading

  • Your doggy sleep questions answered

    Do dogs dream? Many attentive dog owners will have watched their canine friends fall sound asleep and wondered, does he dream like I do? Should he be sleeping for so long? Where’s the best place for a dog to sleep? … Continue reading

  • Your cats health checklist and how to examine her between visits

    How to examine your cat between vet visits One of the most important responsibilities as a cat owner is learning to spot health issues early on so that you can get the right treatment for the cat. Because cats are … Continue reading

  • Why does my cat bring home dead animals

    Why does my cat bring home dead animals? If you have a cat that’s regularly roaming free outside, the chances are you’ve been the lucky recipient of a “kitty present” before now. This unpleasant habit is pretty bewildering for new … Continue reading

  • What is your cat trying to tell you

    Cat sounds: what is kitty trying to tell you? Your cat has a vast repertoire of sounds she makes to communicate with you and with other cats. In the wild these sounds are useful in all sorts of situations, from … Continue reading

  • Should you get an office dog?

    There’s been a growing trend for office dogs in the last few years here in the UK. Lots of agencies, companies and even shops are jumping on the bandwagon and inviting beloved canine companions to work. Even Google is known … Continue reading

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